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Radio, The Once Popular Medium Now Popular Again

Radio, for many many years, was the original choice medium for people to get their information, whether it be news, whether it be music, or whether it be just listening to your favorite personality talk about their day. TV replaced the popular medium in the late 1960s and the 1970s, with popular game shows, late night news, and other forms of entertaining programming, to which the trend had continued up until present day.

What we as consumers never expected was something similar to an event like the Great Depression, where people were out of work, had little to no options for mediums to get their programming, their entertainment, and the like. That time has never been more real than right now, with COVID-19, and this is where radio plays a key role in our daily lives.

Surveys have shown that since COVID-19 has become the popular topic, Americans especially are tuning out on TV, and listening more to radio (Source: AllAccess.com). Radio has become the “happy” place for many people, as radio personalities are already experts at social distancing, but also interacting with the listener. On air talents, typically when in the studio, sit anywhere from 6 to 10 feet apart, covering the social distancing requirement, but yet, still provide the level of entertainment we demand as consumers, and providing little to no bad news (unless you work in a news/talk format, sorry guys and gals).

The lighter side to this post, is that radio has once again become the popular medium of choice, as even with the social distancing requirements, stay at home declarations, and other ailments the world is facing, people are still able to enjoy a medium while out working in their gardens, building something constructive, anything to remain positive and active during times of trouble and despair.

Keep it up everyone! We’re fighting this virus one day at a time, and we as radio personalities appreciate you letting us come into your lives and spread a little bit of cheer in such bleak times.